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Restaurant MOER Conscious Hotel Amsterdam zoekt Zelfstandig werkend kokRestaurant MOER Conscious Hotel Amsterdam zoekt Zelfstandig werkend kok

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2 augustus 2017

Restaurant MOER belongs, kind of, to Conscious Hotels, because the founders of Conscious Hotels also are the instigators of MOER. Conscious Hotels are beautiful eco-design hotels in Amsterdam. The next year we will grow with another hotel. Besides the existing Conscious Hotel Vondelpark and Conscious Hotel Museum Square, our 3rd hotel The Tire Station, opened end of 2016 in Amsterdam; the 4th hotel will open in 2018 on Westergasfabriek grounds.

And within this 3rd hotel, new F&B outlets have taking shape: Restaurant MOER and coffee- and Eco- pastry bar Sticky Fingers.

Restaurant MOER
Restaurant MOER is rugged, social and honest and when you step inside, the restaurant feels instantly relaxed and like coming home. It is a place where the nostalgia of the old function (a tire station) is subtly present. It is a place to come together casually, enjoy responsible food and where dining is a joint activity. Restaurant MOER stands for transparency and personality. Waiters explain the daily specials at the table and, by means of storytelling, tell guests about the farmers where the ingredients come from. They even finimoesh some dishes at the table for an extra theatre aspect! But we also serve Breakfast, of course! We like our guest to start the day with our delicious 100% organic breakfast.

The perfect antidote to stodgy, traditional 'who still eats that?' hotel food. Oatmeal isn’t very glamorous. If it was in a boyband, it would be at the back (behind croissants and the fruit) with a slightly uncool hairstyle and nobody would know its name. But lucky for us the music career didn’t work out for oatmeal and it’s remained the great breakfast it was destined to be slowly releasing energy throughout the day. Yay, oatmeal!

An organic food lover, awesomeness, people and planet (sometimes profit) person As a (breakfast) demi-chef de partie, you love organic local ingredients. No frequent flyer figs. No air mile apples. Food grown with love bought straight from a man called Han. Not an industrial chemist called Clemens synthesizing delivered-by-drone strawberries out of monosodiumwhoknowswhatgoesintoit. You don’t touch that…

You are not afraid to do your thing in public. Confident you can satisfy up to 100 guests for breakfast and prepare for a busy lunch as well. In our kitchen, you’re loving the real veg. High fiber, low fat, great taste. We’re not talking industrial supermarket veg, here - same size, same colour, same same same. Nope, you love veg just the way it comes. Beetroot with a big booty? Shake that ass our way, baby. You still love your meat (organic).

You still get frisky for fish (sustainable). You’re just talking a hint of moderation so that guilty pleasure. As we strive to have a busy breakfast every day of the week you need to be able to cope with the stress and pressure; but that’s part of what makes this job fun, right? Of course being ready for service means a great M.E.P. and the kitchen needs to be properly cleaned and stocked, so that is your job too. You make sure the kitchen area is tidy, so you and your colleagues don’t trip over anything hazardous. We don’t want them to get hurt.

Opening a restaurant is like giving birth, except instead of just popping out a baby, you're dealing with new menus and new colleagues and new equipment and permits and inspections and a million other things normal people never even think about. You are not someone content with doing the same thing day after day, you thrive when things get hectic. Fire up the grill!

Personal qualities (competences and skills)
• Based in the Netherlands, preferably Amsterdam and fluent in Dutch and English;
• Hospitality DNA, genuine, so no genetic modifications pls;
• Extravert (outgoing personality) Not afraid to talk, able to connect. Not on market guy volume though;
• Wants to save the planet, but no sustainability door bitch;
• As all our F&B items are organic, you should have a lot of affinity with organic and sustainable trends;
• Egoist, not, team player of course;
• Is not suffering from a lack of knowledge (Google provides half the answers ;-);
• Flexible (not necessarily in a gymnast way)

Job requirements
• You have some (significant) experience in (international) hotels or restaurants;
• You have a hospitality mind-set, the very meaning of the word;
• At least some higher education (you can read and think for yourself);
• You can cook an egg – in oh so many ways;
• You love vegetables and organic food – or want to learn about them;
• Have knowledge of HACCP;
• Fun!

Conscious Hotel Amsterdam
T.a.v. Karen Heeringa
Amstelveenseweg 5
1054 MB Amsterdam
020 8203333

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