uitnodiging voor een tasting van de duurste olijfolie ter we

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uitnodiging voor een tasting van de duurste olijfolie ter we

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uitnodiging voor een tasting van de duurste olijfolie ter wereld uit Toscane Italië.

Onderstaand vind je enige info over de olie wel in het Engels,

Aan de proeverij zijn geen kosten verbonden, nog slechts enkele plekken beschikbaar

Locatie: Contactweg 30 E te Amsterdam

inschrijvingen kunnen jullie mailen naar arthur@vanillaventure.nl of bellen met 0433560828 of 0615093423

Armando Manni with MANNI Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Farming TOSCANO IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) has successfully created a global luxury brand which has quickly become synonymous with the upper echelons of quality, luxury, and taste. This unique brand is publicly recognized by the top chefs in the world as the best and healthiest extra virgin olive oil.

“Italy's Liquid Gold …When I learned that several of America's best chefs - Thomas Keller, Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Charlie Trotter among them - also love this oil, I wasn't surprised. “It’s the most full flavored, luscious oil I've ever tasted”, Trotter says. “It's so special that using it is a little like using truffles or caviar…”
- David Shaw, The Los Angeles Times, December 4, 2002

With a production of only 2,500 liters per year MANNI produces two different oils: PER ME (For Me) a gourmet oil and PER MIO FIGLIO (For My Child) a very delicate oil, great for every delicate palate.

Beginning in 2001, MANNI created a unique production methodology, the “MANNI Methodology”, which revolutionized traditional extra virgin olive oil production by developing the “Live Oil”- an extra virgin olive oil certified Organic Farming so high in antioxidant activity that it is able to maintain its “extra virgin” composition for 3 years instead of the average life span (less than one year) realized by most other oils. The result is the world’s best and most expensive extra virgin olive oil consistently rich with flavor and high in antioxidants, which are known to be invaluable to human health.

“It is a rare breed of person who strives for perfection in his chosen line of work. Armando Manni personifies this determination … he has successfully produced the best and healthiest extra virgin olive oil on the market. MANNI oils have become an integral ingredient in our kitchen.”
- Thomas Keller, chef-owner of The French Laundry and Per Se (USA)

“When I first tasted Armando Manni¹s extra virgin olive oils, I knew I had tasted something amazing.”
- Jean-Georges Vongerichten, chef-owner of Jean-Georges (USA)

“This oil reflects the essence of my cooking: it is the best, and I never accept anything less.”
- Giorgio Locatelli, chef-owner of Locanda Locatelli (UK)

“I think it should be on the table of every food aficionado. I offer them to my guests every evening: I uncork and decant the little bottles for each table. I know I'm offering them an oil of absolute goodness, but also something good for their health.”
- Heinz Beck, chef of Ristorante La Pergola (Italy)

MANNI has earned a status that is unparalleled and garnered a cult following, including an exclusive list of global opinion makers—chefs, celebrities, journalists, gourmet food aficionados, physicians and private clients. Included for the last two years in the cult book “101 things to buy before you die” and in selective events including the 2005 and the 2006 Academy Awards Gift Basket MANNI has established a presence in the kitchens of key global restaurants and has received extensive press coverage in a variety of media with reach and influence over a highly sought after global audience: The Today Show, New York Times, Wine Spectator, Gourmet, Los Angeles Times, Departures, Washington Post, Food and Wine, W Magazine, Wall Street journal Europe, etc…

“Manni oil truly is sublime”
- Saveur

“Incredible Edibles”
- Departures magazine

“I had no difficulty agreeing with the large claim that MANNI were the world's best olive oils.”
- The Observer, Paul Levy

“The Liquid Gold Standard”
“I very much liked both Manni oils. Per Me was ripe, with heat that built to a crescendo in the back of the troat without going over the line. Per Mio Figlio had a roundness and butteriness that non of the other Tuscan oils had.”
- Wine Spectator

“the ideal Tuscan olive oil, from Armando Manni”
- Food & Wine, Dana Cowin

“Manni extra virgin olive oil, a favorite of chefs like Thomas Keller and Jean-Georges Vongerichten, is the cult oil of the moment...”
- The New York Times, Florence Fabricant, Dining Out

“Monumental, a broad spectrum of bouquets and aromas, with intense notes of bitter chocolate, Per me (For Me) has something of a great wine in its impact, starting with its persistence: structure, length in the mouth, twenty minutes, almost more than a Barolo. Sweeter and more delicate is Per mio figlio (For My Child) … here sweetness prevails, with a note of sugar-covered almonds. … The healthful activity (antioxidant, anti-LDL, or ‘bad’ cholesterol, anti-heart attack, anticancer, anti-aging) of an oil drops gradually as the oil oxidizes and ages, which is to say as the aging coefficient increases. This coefficient (in MANNI’s oils) is extremely low, as tests conducted by the University of Florence show.”
- Gambero Rosso magazine, Italy

“An Oscar for this oil!”
- L’Espresso magazine, Italy

The MANNI Methodology has been applauded not only for producing the best tasting Organic Farming extra virgin olive oil, but also for providing consumers with an extra virgin olive oil rich in antioxidants. MANNI oil is officially recognized by key educational institutes in Italy, it has received the TOSCANO IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) seal and is the only extra virgin olive oil in the world officially endorsed by a University research facility (Department of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Florence). It is worth noting that as a result of the MANNI Methodology, MANNI oils can have up to 12 times the phenols (antioxidants) that are required by TOSCANO IGP (Protected Geographical Indication), illustrating the special quality and the health benefits of the MANNI Methodology.

“Although medical advances are primarily credited to technology, there is considerable evidence that nature is the quintessential healer. An environment or life–style that incorporates, reflects and emulates nature asserts a healing influence and prevents disease. As a pathologist confronted with the diagnosis of cancer and heart disease, I’m committed to recommending life–styles and alimentation that are fundamentally natural and implemented early in life, when we are still children.

MANNI’s extra virgin olive oils are the essence of nature themselves. Thanks to a unique method, these oils have an extraordinary antioxidant (phenol) content that makes them a natural antagonist of cancer and heart disease, yet they are a gourmet delight.

The University of Florence contributes to the creation of these oils through applied research and endorses their characteristics, which have also been validated in a world-renowned context of scientific literature on the subject.”

David B. Kaminsky, M.D. Fellow of the International Academy of Cytology. California, USA. Recipient of the American Society of Cytopathology President’s Award 2001, Papanicolaou Award 2002 and Top 100 America's Best Doctors 2004

The “MANNI Methodology” is not only unique because creates an exceptional certified Organic Farming extra virgin olive oil with great flavor, that can deliver up to 12 times the antioxidants required for the TOSCANO IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) seal of approval, but also because created an extra virgin olive oil that has a shelf-life 3-6 times greater than the other oils on the market. For example, at the French Laundry in Yountville and Per Se in New York, Thomas Keller gladly serves MANNI Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2008, as the product continues to maintain its exceptional quality well after bottling.

The acceptance of MANNI oil in leading centers of culinary design not only increased awareness amongst professionals in the industry but also increased patron awareness among a highly sought after clientele. As a result, a substantive direct private clientele of global opinion makers, renowned chefs, celebrities, journalists, physicians and gourmet food aficionados consistently purchase MANNI extra virgin olive oil, which has cemented the status of the name MANNI, and has also aided in successfully generating significant word of mouth in a highly competitive marketplace.

MANNI successfully gained entrance to 23 specifically high-end and well recognized restaurants around the world.

Alex, at Wynn Resort, Las Vegas, USA
Allegro, at Four Seasons Hotel, Prague, Czech Republic
Amber, at Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong
Chez Dominique, Helsinki, Finland
Daniel, New York, USA
Eve Restaurant, Alexandria, USA
The Fat Duck, Bray, UK
The French Laundry, Yountville, USA
Heidi's, Minneapolis, USA
The Krug Room, at Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Hong Kong
The Little Nell, Aspen, USA
Locanda Locatelli, London, UK
Il Palagio, at Four Seasons Hotel, Florence, Italy
Per Se, New York, USA
La Pergola, at Rome Cavalieri Hotel, Rome, Italy
Pierre Gagnaire, Paris, France
Quattro, at Four Seasons Hotel Silicon Valley, East Palo Alto, USA
Quisi, at Grand Hotel Quisisana, Capri, Italy
Restaurant Martin Wishart, Edinburg, UK
Restaurant Sat Bains, Nottingham, UK
Silk, Frankfurt, Germany
Spiaggia, Chicago, USA
Tetsuya's, Sydney, Australia

Vanille Venture is proud today to present MANNI oil in Holland for the first time. MANNI in fact doesn't allow to represent and distribute his oil to any importer in any country in the world.

Vriendelijke groet, Best Regards, Un cordial saludo, Con distinti saluti,
Arthur Kissels

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